Noah's Ark (1986)

A continuación un breve resumen de Noah's Ark... From Hanna-Barbera's animated series depicting the tales of the bible, "Noah's Ark" tells the story of the Prophet Noah. Violence and corruption fill the earth. To punish this wickedness, God vows to send a cleansing flood. Only one man - Noah - and his family will be spared because they alone honor God's law. God commands him to build an ark and fill it with two of every animal. Once building is under way, Noah and his sons face scorn and sabotage from their sinful neighbors - but they persevere. Noah's faith is vindicated when the heavens erupt with a rainy torrent for 40 days. But God's test of Noah's courage and commitment is just beginning.. Noah's Ark se estrenó el 1986-01-01 y dura un total de minutos. Para poder disfrutar de esta obra cinematográfica puedes usar distintos servicio, tales como Netflix, Pay per view u otros como Emule o Torrent.

Idioma: English
Estreno: 1986-01-01

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  • ¿Quién protagonizó Noah's Ark? Noah's Ark fue protagonizada por Terry McGovern , Lorne Greene y Charlotte Rae
  • ¿Qué día se estrenó Noah's Ark?Noah's Ark se estrenó el 1986-01-01
  • ¿Qué idoma se usó para rodar Noah's Ark?Noah's Ark fue rodada en English